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Please Read First: According to Alabama Board of Education Policy 801.01, all students must provide at least one primary form of identification or two secondary forms of identification for admission to community colleges in Alabama. Examples of a primary form of documentation include the following: an unexpired state-issued driver’s license, an unexpired state-issued identification card, or an unexpired U.S. passport. Applicants must submit the documentation either in person or through a notarized copy if delivered via U.S. Mail or other third party. It cannot be faxed or emailed.

If you are a first time user, select the First Time User account creation link below the Login button.

If you are a returning NW-SCC student, please key your Social Security Number (straight numbers, no dashes) as your Login ID and key your 6 digit date of birth as your PIN. (example: If your birthday is January 1, 1995, key 010195 as your PIN)

Please follow these exact sign in instructions so that your application may be processed correctly.

First time user account creation
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